Foodie Fitness: Jumping Rope

I feel that it would be morally unjust for me to only post yummy, often indulgent, recipes without divulging my other passion. Fitness! In my younger years I was active in sports such as swimming, sailing, skiing, cycling, and cheerleading (cheer was short lived). As an adult (still feels kind of odd to call myself that), I’ve kept most of those interests, and gained a few. This is where I will write about my new fitness joys. You know, the activities that were suggested to you by a friend or read about in a health article, that you’re still excited about.

Allow me to assume that I’m not the only one out there that needs to keep my fitness routine varied and constantly evolving. If you know me, you know that I get bored pretty quickly. Hmmm, I wonder if that is why my level of patience could use some improvement. Anyhow, back to fitness. My belief is in keeping your mind expanding and your body guessing.

Jump rope

I was at the gym last week and had finished up some cardio and circuit training, so figured I was done for the evening. But then I came across a jump rope. I haven’t jumped rope since freshman year of high school, and being the curious cat that I am, I wanted to know how many jumps I could do in my current shape. One, that is how many times I got the rope to swing before catching it on my feet. Major fail! This led me to buy my own jump rope, trim it to a perfect 8’2″, and keep it in my car. Because guess where you can jump rope.

jump rope 2

The Park

Oh, hello there little squirrel, g’day to you! I’ll be hopping around all nimbly pimbly like you in no time.

jump rope 3

The Beach

Sure, folks enjoying a family BBQ might stare at you like the crazy Santa Cruz local that you are. But they came for a show, didn’t they?

jump rope 5

Your Driveway

Ah, zen and the art of jumping rope. Only have a short time to spare? Perfect! Mosey on outside to jump rope and meditate at the same time.

jump rope 4

“You have to believe in yourself” -Sun Tzu

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